From the book Pause for Moms: Finding Rest in a too Busy World.

You are you—no one else can be you.

You are you—created in the image of God.

You are you—still growing and being transformed as an apprentice of Christ.

You are you—while learning from others, you aren’t to be their clone.

You are you—and your story is unique.

You are you—so, be willing to let the new chapters in your story of doubt and pessimism and hate find faith and hope and love on the same pages.

Notice your uniqueness. Notice the similarities with others.

Appreciate the beauty of life on the same stage with hurried days and sleepless nights. Value slowing, realizing, breathing, beginning again.

Comedy and tragedy both fit in our life stories. But your stories can move in good directions whatever is said at the doctor appointment or whatever is to be paid this week when bills are due.

Your stories can end well. Very well.

Because of your inner life not being controlled by the portions of living that you can’t control.