I had the pleasure of meeting Chris several years ago when he and I were scheduled to speak at the same program. He is an outstanding speaker! His was a hard act to follow. His talk was extremely well delivered, inspirational with just the right touch of humor. You find yourself wanting more when the talk ends.


I am equally impressed with Chris’ writing ability. It is the kind of writing that makes you think, “I wish I could write like that.” He wrote an essay on New Year’s Day that I have forwarded to folks all over the country and a few out of the country.

I have seen how Chris relates to people in the audience, the folks who come up to talk to him afterward and how he seems to instinctively know what they are asking that is not spoken. He is a hero and one the world badly needs. How lucky are those college students who have access to him. What a role model to have at this time in the world.

Patricia A. Gibson, MSSW ACSW

Associate Professor, Wake Forest University Health Sciences

It is my pleasure to recommend to you my dear friend and colleague, Chris Maxwell. I have known Chris for about a decade as a respected colleague in ministry, but have truly gotten to know Chris as one of my dearest friends over the past eight years as he has served together with us at Emmanuel College. For the past several years we have met weekly for private times of sharing life, family, encouragement and prayer. I trust him implicitly and value our friendship greatly.


Chris is nothing short of amazing. His passion for life and love for people are infectious. He cares deeply and it shows. Chris is a hard-working, dedicated servant of God and others. While he doesn’t wear his religion on his sleeve, his faith in God is the primary driver of all he says and does. He is a constant source of encouragement to me and all who know him. Chris engages in the lives of the students, faculty and staff of Emmanuel College. He invests relationally in our lives by entering our world at meetings, ball games, concerts, services, service projects, campus events, social gatherings, and informal times of fellowship in various settings. Chris has gotten to know my family, many of my friends outside the college, and has spoken numerous times at the church I serve. He is that friend I can (and do) call at any time, text constantly, and trust completely with the deepest concerns of my life.

Chris Maxwell is a team player. He understands and values the true meaning of team. Having served on various committees together, I have witnessed his professionalism, commitment, collaborative skills, strategic planning abilities, diplomacy, and leadership capacity. He loves to plan well into the future and dream about possibilities. He is visionary. His positivity provides encouragement for the organizations he serves as well as the individuals serving with him. Chris adds value to everything he touches. He has a true knack for helping others. He is an effective counselor with students and staff. He can be trusted to hold things appropriately in confidence. He manages his time and responsibilities well. Chris communicates amazingly. He is one of those rare individuals who can express his ideas beautifully equally well in his writing or in his speaking. He is a true artist as he paints verbal pictures of meaningful, penetrating truth.

Finally, Chris Maxwell is a family man. He and his wife, Debbie, are wonderful parents. Their love and commitment to each other are inspirational to all who know them. Their family is a glorious legacy of their faith and exemplary living. In short, Chris Maxwell is one of the people I would point out as a ‘sure thing’ or a ‘solid bet’ to add value to any organization. He is that no-brainer hire who comes along on rare occasions in life and business. I am completely confident that you would never regret adding Chris to your team. I give him my highest possible recommendation.

Tracy Reynolds

Dean, School of Christian Ministries, Emmanuel College

Chris Maxwell is one of the most dynamic and influential speaker and writer I have known. I have personally heard him and read his books and worked with him in national seminars.
Kore Liow, MD, FACP, FAAN

Neurologist and Epileptologist, Director, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, Clinical Professor of Neurology, University of Hawaii John Burns, School of Medicine

In his writing and speaking, Chris Maxwell calls us to action. Not the busy, harried, frenzied action so common to our society and our own existence. He coaxes us to a gentle kind of action that results when we pause to take in the deeper things of life and “actively” appreciate the simple yet profound moments we often miss.

Chris knows both types of action. He juggles many demands in his packed schedule—as a sought after speaker, writer, and interview subject, in addition to his work as Campus Pastor to a college full of young minds and tomorrow’s leaders, and, of course, author. Yet, he still finds time to take in the world around him with wonderment.

I have never seen Chris speak to an audience he didn’t hold captive in the palm of his hand. I can only imagine that same thing occurs as his reading audience consumes his written words. I know it does with me. I am honored, humbled, enriched and immensely grateful to call him friend.

Doree Rice

Associate Director, Career Development, Full Sail University

This letter is in reference to Chris Maxwell, pastor, author, and friend. I’ve known Chris for a few short months and have had the privilege of having him befriend me. I have also observed him in numerous different situations and environment.

To say that I am an expert in human behavior and relationships, simply because I hold a doctorate in psychology, pales in comparison to depth, knowledge, and passion to that of Chris. Watching Chris maneuver through a crowd and touching the lives and hearts of each person he comes in contact with is a rare gift. He is genuine, real, and without pretense, which endears people to him within the matter of heartbeats. Chris is simply gifted at putting people at ease, which allows them to open their hearts to him.

Chris has shown integrity and boundaries in his approach to the students at Emmanuel. He shows a level of insight into the hurting student, while never attempting to alleviate pain, but gently guides each student through a journey through pain showing them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He gives hope to the broken and a shoulder to weak. He reaches past race, gender, and current painful situations to touch the heart of those he is called to serve.

I’ve had the privilege to observe Chris and his interaction with his family. What can I say about this man, other than I would love to be the kind of father and husband that I’ve seen him to be. His children love him, not because of what he gives them, but because of the time and care that he shows them.

It is rare in my profession to be able to find a man such as Chris. He shares his weakness, but never wears them on his sleeves. His weakness is a badge of honor, not from what he has overcome, but for what Christ has done through him. He never hides what he cannot do, but he has a hope that when he cannot, that God can.

Please consider his proposal with prayer. Truly, you have an author with integrity, passion, and ultimately love seeking for a way for his voice to be heard outside his ministry at Emmanuel.

Blake Rackley, Psy.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Emmanuel College

Chris Maxwell speaks and writes with a passion to help people. His compassion and genuine spirit make it easy to connect with his writings as readers are challenged by his authenticity and overcoming spirit. There is something contagious about the man and his message.
Greg Amos

Bishop, South Carolina Conference of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Chris Maxwell’s influence transcends generational boundaries. This gifted author, teacher and pastor uses personal stories and professional experience to touch, inspire and encourage a wide and diverse audience, including students, parents, pastors, medical professionals, educators and anyone needing hope, living life on this planet.
Mary DeMent

freelance writer, web content manager and stay-at-home mom

I have had the privilege of working with Chris Maxwell for over four years. During this time I have watched him demonstrate loyalty, leadership, and professionalism in his day-to-day life. He is a very hand working person with a deep passion for others. His responsibilities include overseeing many events and people at Emmanuel College. He is very efficient and takes great pride in the details of his work. He would be a valuable asset to any company because of his skills, experience, dedication, and commitment. I highly recommend him, if you have any other question please contact me.
Sherri Carey

Office Manager for Student Life, Emmanuel College

We recently hosted Chris Maxwell at the Church on the Hill on a Sunday morning. Chris Maxwell is a consummate story-teller. Chris’ engaging style weaves the truth of scripture and his own amazing journey into a compelling presentation. We were provoked and inspired to PAUSE by both the message and the messenger.
I endorse the man, message and ministry of Chris Maxwell.
Eddie Taylor

Senior Pastor, Church on the Hill, Dalton, GA

Chris Maxwell has been a friend of our church and myself for the past two years. Our friendship began when Chris’s son, Taylor, began leading worship for us at our church. Taylor introduced me to his dad over breakfast one morning, and it was during that initial conversation that I immediately felt his heart for mentoring.

We invited Chris to speak to our church tribe on July 18, 2010. His message that morning was one that has impacted us deeply as he spoke of his personal testimony and the way God used all the circumstances surrounding that for His glory.

We thought so highly of Chris as a man of God, and as a communicator, that for Christmas we purchased and handed out a copy of his book, “Unwrapping His Presence”, for every attendee at our Christmas service. The book itself was relief for the soul in both creativity and content.

I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity of booking Chris at an event or service to strongly pursue that option. Chris will bring life and spiritual depth to any situation.

Rob Duford

Pastor, Orlando North

Chris Maxwell spoke at The Life Christian Church and his story impacted many lives. Our congregation is very diverse, and Chris connected with people regardless of their background or experiences. His story is amazing and his skills as a communicator make it come alive as he speaks. It was a special treat to interact with his book, “Unwrapping His Presence” during the Christmas season. I highly recommend Chris.
Terry Smith

The Life Christian Church

It is with great honor that I am able to write a letter of reference for Chris Maxwell, a man that truly has the heart of a last generation leader. He is a leader that is equipping and preparing the body of Christ, the church, for kingdom advancement. I first met Chris four years ago and have come to know him better in the last two years. I can say my life and my family’s lives have been enriched by his words of wisdom and encouragement. Pastor Chris has ministered many times at the church, I now pastor. He was instrumental in holding the church together by his timely and relevant message of hope and encouragement during their time without a pastor. Chris has ministered at Celebration Outreach Center since my pastorate and has always delivered the Word of God with the utmost integrity and passion. Chris preached for me during the last Christmas season, utilizing his new book, “Unwrapping His presence.” I was really moved and refreshed by the way he unwrapped God’s presence through his message, a message that isn’t just for Christmas; but for all people, all the time. I was so impressed with the quality and the content of his book that I decided to purchase two boxes to give away as a ministry tool to my church leadership. I believe, “Unwrapping His Presence,” will become a Christian classic. He is truly appreciated at our church. In fact, the congregation often ask when he is coming back to preach. I have no reservations about recommending Chris Maxwell and his writings for any capacity in which he pursues.
Eric Pennington


I met Chris Maxwell by “pre-ordained accident.” He reached out to me as someone suffering from epilepsy while I was working to change thinking about this dreadful disease. I didn’t know his name on my phone message list so it languished there for several weeks. When we finally communicated my life changed. And so did thousands of others. I had a platform with not much to put on it. Chris had a message. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t doubt yourself. You can make a difference.


I watched him deliver this message in many states in the US, in Tokyo, and in South Korea. I watched people of different cultures, experiences, stages of life all nod in agreement when Chris talked about change and hope and progress. I watched believers and non-believers see a Christ-like spirit of love, kindness and grace encourage them. I witnessed Chris change the lives of hundreds of people across the years…just because he had the courage to encourage.

Chris’ only tool in this journey was words – words that put just a little piece of himself into their hearts. The piece of himself that said “It’s ok…it’s all going to be ok.” His writing is an extension of Chris and it will put a little piece of him into your heart as well. Just as I have learned to drink in every minute I get to share with Chris, I encourage you to drink in his words. Just like me, your life will be changed.

Tom Roberts

Managing Director, UCB Korea

Please allow me to highly recommend to you Chris Maxwell. I have worked with Mr. Maxwell in a variety of capacities over the past twenty years. I know him first and foremost to be a man of incredible character and compassion. In addition he is an outstanding communicator.


Specifically, my company has hired Chris to serve as senior editor on a number of book publishing projects. In my former role as a curriculum development specialist and publisher, I hired Chris to develop curriculum for various age levels. I have also had the privilege of serving as one of Chris Maxwell’s publishers. He is a gifted writer and author of multiple books.

For a season Chris was my pastor where I served as his worship leader.

I have watched Chris go through difficult and challenging seasons with incredible grace, strength and courage. I have watched him reach out to and serve people with uncompromised compassion, empathy, wisdom and strength.

Chris has a way of connecting with people of all ages, socio-economic strata, cultures and faiths. He is a consummate people person, communicator and friend.

David Welday

President, HigherLife Development Services

Chris Maxwell has come a long way. His entire speech center of his brain was almost completely wiped out by an infection of his brain causing encephalitis. He couldn’t speak or communicate. His story is one of perseverance and the willpower of the human spirit to overcome obstacles. His faith also gave him the spiritual guidance to succeed. The fact that Chris is now a prolific writer and speaker is a testament to his intestinal fortitude. If you saw his MRI scans, even today, you’d be amazed that we are talking about the same person. College students now are lucky to have Chris influencing their development into adulthood.
Hal S. Pineless, D.O., F.A.C.N.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology), Florida State University College of Medicine and NeuroCare Institute of Central Florida

My name is Sean Williamson and I am the Director of Counseling and Career Services at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. I have known and worked with Chris Maxwell since January of 2008. I consider him not only a colleague, but a friend as well. We spend a great deal of time together in a formal capacity – meetings with our organization, meeting with students together, and planning events. But I am also privileged to know the private man as well – often just sitting and talking with each other.

Chris is one of the most conscientious people I know. He is a man of his word. When he says he is going to do something, it gets done. I have seen him work diligently on many projects, putting in extra hours to make sure it is done right. He is also a meticulous planner. Chris loves to make sure that things are in place for any project or event well ahead of time, and he checks and double checks that things are set up correctly.

One of the things I most admire about Chris is his integrity. He is the same man in public, on stage, in his office, in front of a classroom or at the pulpit, as he is in private. His concern for people and their wellbeing comes through in every area of his life. I don’t mean this in a way that would portray him as a “yes man” or passive in any means. Chris will fight for what he believes in. He will confront where confrontation is needed, but always in a way that is assertive, not aggressive, and always to bring about health and wholeness.

I believe Chris would be a benefit to any organization. He is easy to get along with, thinks and plans ahead, and brings stability to his environment. I count it a blessing to have worked with him for many years.

Sean E. Williamson, MSW, LCSW

Director of Counseling and Career Services, Emmanuel College

Chris Maxwell is valuable to our organization. We have had him present and teach at our writers conferences and he is always well received. I am impressed with his quality of writing and knowledge in this field. We will continue to call on Chris because of his dependability and empathy for others. I highly recommend his writing and speaking.
Reg A. Forder CMP

Founder/Director of American Christian Writers, Publisher of the Christian Communicator magazine, Publisher of ACW Press

Chris Maxwell has a unique way of cutting across boundaries and reaching such a diversity of people. I get to see this daily through his interaction with students, faculty and staff. He inspires and lifts the spirit with his words no matter if they are written, spoken or prayed. He is a true servant leader who is willing to inspire thousands and willing to take his time to pray with just one. Chris Maxwell is a true blessing and inspiration to me, my team, our college and all who are able to meet him, hear him or read his inspiring work.
T. J. Rosene

Men’s Basketball Coach, Emmanuel College Lions

With clarity, compassion and insight, Chris Maxwell highlights everyday words that cause us to pause for response. Chris has a wonderful gift for embracing the moment and encouraging the reader to savor that moment with a heartfelt mindfulness. This is a wonderful tool to supplement your encounter time with God and in reflection with yourself.
Dennis Wells

Counselor, Author

I have had the privilege to share regular personal time with Pastor Chris Maxwell over the last few years. The aspect of his preaching that I most respect is that the passion and clarity with which he communicates God’s Word is just as real off of the stage as when he is in front of the spotlight. His sincere love for God and people is evident as he paints a picture of the truths in Scripture, leaving the audience inspired and encouraged to pursue Christ more deeply! As a new church with a mission to make Christ known in the lives of people far from God, having Pastor Chris two weeks in a row was a tremendous benefit!
Bronson Crawford

Lead Pastor, Synergy Church in Winder, GA

I have known Chris since the beginning of ministry for the both of us. His journey through personal tragedy and the inspiration of God’s ability to be miraculous shines through a presentation every person in your congregation should experience. The humility and loving tender heart found in Chris Maxwell is contagious and is an example for the rest of us.
Larry Harper

Ekklesia Centre

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to recommend to you my friend Chris Maxwell. Chris is a pastor to pastors and possesses an incredible shepherd’s heart. I have had the opportunity to observe Chris in a variety of ministry situations and he always says just the right thing. Chris has the ability to speak and write in an almost melodious fashion and takes his listeners on a journey that usually leads them straight into the presence of God. Chris has preached at my church on several occasions and he has always been attentive to the needs of both the church and this pastor. Chris also has an appeal that crosses generational, religious, and cultural lines as he has always determined to keep his relationship with his Lord and his fellow co-laborers paramount. Chris has not and will not compromise the essential truths of the Scriptures, but has determined to pursue a path that unites the body of Christ. I have also personally observed Chris’s relationship with his wife and three sons and he has always been an example to me of what a godly husband and father look like. In whatever way Chris can be of service to you I would encourage you to not hesitate to use him.

Pastor Timothy S. Adams

Deep Creek Baptist Church, Dewy Rose, GA

Chris Maxwell has spoken several times at Riverside Baptist Church, and he did a great job each time. His testimony is a living example of God’s power, grace and love. This was a very uplifting and hope-filled message. It was a great blessing to everyone in our church. Chris has a great gift for communicating. His delivery was engaging, bible-based, Christ- centered and humble. I encourage you to have Chris speak in your church whenever possible. Your church will be blessed!
Joe Wood

Pastor, Riverside Baptist Church

As our church, Royston Baptist Church, was preparing for a special emphasis weekend highlighting our churches involvement with special needs children and adults we were hoping to find a creative person to preach. Chris Maxwell immediately came to the forefront of several peoples mind.

Chris is a talented and dynamic speaker. He is genuine and creative in the way he shares the gospel. Chris radiates the love of Christ when you are near him and has a contagious personality. All of these are excellent reasons our church could have asked him to speak, however, there is one more reason that made him the perfect candidate for our event, Chris has epilepsy.

Chris shared beautifully his story as a member of the special needs community. Chris shared his life journey from before he had epilepsy, when he first suffered from epilepsy, up to the day of the event and how he glorifies God as someone who lives with epilepsy every day.

It was a beautiful service and it would not have been the same if Chris had not shared his journey with the members of Royston Baptist Church. If you are looking for someone to share his heart, his journey with God through the ups and downs, and most importantly the testimony God has given him Chris is the person for the job!

If you have any questions about this recommendation or would simply like to hear more about Chris Maxwell from a minister who offered him a venue to preach on Sunday Morning I would be delighted to share with you my thoughts. May God bless you in your planning and preparing!

Jonathan Barlow

Pastor, Royston Baptist Church

There is no way I can put in to words the impact that Chris Maxwell has had on my life on a personal level. He is a great friend, a shining example of Christ for all to see, and a constant encouragement in all times! He is a true inspiration! He cares about all people and when you talk to him, you can truly see the abundance of Christ is in his heart! I’ve known Chris for eight years and grown to love him and his family. He is a tremendous man of faith! Chris is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard! He speaks with emotion, humor, intensity, charisma, and the love of Christ! I would recommend him to anyone!
I am the leader of the FCA huddle at my school and he has spoken to my FCA group numerous times! Each time is something new, fun, and exciting! But each time, the message is always Christ-centered and from his heart! Chris Maxwell is a true blessing to me and the students I teach as well as the people he ministers to everyday!
Jason Shaver

FCA Huddle Leader, Franklin County High School