Take time to ask yourself these three questions. Before you answer, think slowly and deeply about each one.

Where is your nourishment? More than those scrambled eggs. More than that lasagna. More that the health food. Think about what is bringing nourishment to your soul. Think about what is providing spiritual nourishment to you. 

What are you carrying? My poem “who cares?” from the book “a slow and sudden God” encourages us to find a healthy balance of caring without carrying too much weight in our own strength. The balance of loving deeply while refusing to keep everything to ourselves, can be healing. But we must notice when we are holding too much with our own strength. 

Who are you talking to? Not about the weather or the ball games. Though those topics can initiate conversations, though the cool and colorful autumn weather is very nice, though exciting ball games are actually occurring now—I’m referring to deeper, person, honest conversations. Is anyone asking you those questions? Are you answering them honestly? 

Today, or this week, process those three questions: 

Where is your nourishment? What are you carrying? Who are you talking to? 

Give yourself time to think about them and answer them. Journal your thoughts. Pray. Ask God to help you as you respond to your own responses.