What if today we hear from Christ? What if the ancient sermon is alive in our minds today?

Pick the place. Maybe not a Sermon on the Mount. Possibly a Sermon at the Table. Or a Sermon at the Desk. Or a Sermon on the Plane. Or a Sermon After a Visit with a Counselor. Or a Sermon After a Funeral. Or a Sermon After Losing a Job.

What if we are His audience? What if today is the day for His sermon to us? What if weak people like us are the salt and light of this culture?

I remembered my glance outside last night before going to bed. A game from the NBA finals had ended. The time on my iPhone indicated I was very late for my normal time to climb under the sheets. But I still needed to open the front door and look again. One more time before closing my eyes. A deep breath, a prayer, a chance to notice, a pause.

I did.

A rabbit ran by our sidewalk as I interrupted her expected drama of the night. The wind whispered, not wanting to disrupt but still proving its presence. A dog barked, as it too-often-for-me does. Looking up I saw stars: their beauty, their images, their presence. The sky’s darkness moved aside with the light’s presence.

Staring at a dipper, I prayed, “Creator, “Creator, please display your love through my life. I can’t do it on my own. Light can only crush the darkness if the brilliance is Your love. Shine through me.”

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