(from Pause with Jesus: Entering His Story in Everyday Life by Chris Maxwell, True Potential, 2015 – from Chapter Three: “The Journey” – to purchase visit: Amazon)


Hear Jesus calling religious leaders hypocrites and snakes.

Hear Jesus crying about Jerusalem’s rejection.

Hear conversations with Christ and His followers at their Passover meal.

What if you had been in those scenes with them? What can you learn from them in your present chapter of life?

Visit the Garden of Gethsemane—listen to His prayer. Visit the outward part of the Garden—observe His arrest.

What does that mean to us today, now? How should our lives be affected by that historical week? How can these weeks in our hurried world slow a bit and let us
recall the face of Christ staring at His accusers, glancing at His denier, as He felt such deep pain from punishment He never deserved.

Listen to joyful songs about His entrance into a city.

Listen to painful songs about His death on a cross.

Shout and celebrate. Think of Jesus entering your own town. Select a song you would want to hear playing as He walked by. Visualize His facial expression as He made eye contact with you.

Notice your city and weep for the wounded hearts.

Receive Communion in silence.

Apologize for denying Him.

Stare at the crowds against Him.

And choose.

Choose this week to learn from that week.

Choose this week to live like Christ.