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My new book comes out in March. Titled Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brain Damage, and Epilepsy Change Everything, this book goes into more detail about what happened to me in March 1996. It also includes many stories and thoughts from other people who have endured their own adventures “underwater.” Diseases. Disabilities. Brain damage. Scars and doubts and storms and weaknesses and the struggle to remember.


Underwater visits those experiences of pain, of questions.


I am thankful and surprised – in 1996 we didn’t know if I would ever be able to write again, but this is my 8th book (not counting those I helped craft as ghostwriter and editor). I am grateful for so much help and support from many people. I appreciate the hard work of my editors and my publisher. I listened to comments and suggestions from readers who challenged me to write this book. I am amazed at God’s continued love and grace and guidance. I could not do this alone. Thank you.


Writing the book reminded me of many things. It helped me realize again that I am weak. Memory, intellect, health, ability. But I believe we have a Creator who helps the weak. And I believe He often lets help come from other people. So, thank YOU. Each of you. For reading, for caring, for daring, for communicating with me. Yes, even in this busy, to-each-his-own, hi-tech, no-time-for-relationships world, a few people continue conversations through decades of life.


We will be including more about Underwater. About others who wrote stories, about the book’s title, about my own struggles. For now, read these words from my original neurologist who helped save my life and move me toward recovery. Please purchase a few books and tell others about Underwater.


“If any neurologist looks at Chris’s MRI of the brain and then sees Chris, they can’t believe they are looking at the same person. Chris could easily have gone into a deep depression over his illness. His tenacity to stubbornly refuse to lose is what made him into the winner in life that he is today.

Don’t let epilepsy or your illness define you. You can succeed in life if you believe in what you are doing and are willing to fight for it. I hope this book will help you in your journey through life.”

Hal S. Pineless, D.O., FACN

President, NeuroCare Institute of Central Florida, Winter Park, FL