Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Take time to purchase a few copies of Pause for Moms. Or get Kindle from Amazon. Today’s blog is from that book.


I was sitting in a restaurant listening to ladies at the nearby table. They had just seen a movie. I never heard them say the name of the movie and I am not a movie expert. But I learned much while listening.

Their conversational meal included a buffet of laughter, tears, disagreements, smiles, debates, and a little more laughter. In fact, I think laughter won out. But their discussion about a movie slowly merged into a few stories not included on the screen. Their personal stories. Memories brought back to life from the movie. How they could relate to a comment, an argument, a decision, a mistake.

One lady made a comment I can’t forget. Shaking her head and looking down at the table, she said, “I wish the movie hadn’t ended like that. I wanted them to meet one more time. Just like my life. I need one more time.”

The others didn’t respond. Silence stayed at the table with them as they took a few final sips of their drinks before another lady changed the subject. She was the comedian who didn’t want to let their own movie end that way.

Dear moms, you’ve seen the movies. You’ve not only seen the movie, you’ve been in the movies. And, you are still playing your role in this drama of life. Sometimes you feel just like the lady I heard voice those sad comments at the table. You are craving one more chance, one more change, one more scene, one more opportunity, one more time. Conflict is a part of your life story. But the story isn’t over.