From Underwater: When Encephalitis, Brian Injury and Epilepsy Change Everything.

In my book Underwater, some grief will come out. Some pain will be released. 

But join me. Please join me on the voyage into my own Neverland, my own Narnia, my own life underwater. Find yourself and your own story within my story and the stories of others. 

Be honest about yourself. Know yourself well. 

And listen. 

Listen to deep hurts and large hopes. Listen to reluctance, but dive in anyway. Listen to voices condemning you, and silence them. Listen to voices encouraging you, and receive them. 

And listen for a song. A new version of an old song. A song about you—your past and your future, your pain and your pleasure, your wounds and your healing, your limps and your blessings. 

Listen to it. 

Learn it. 

Sing it. 

While staring at the gorgeous colors, swimming among the dazzling creatures, and slowly adjusting to a new reality, embrace the wonder underwater.