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Doesn’t God often glance at our structured schedules all laid out in our iPads and sneak His holy hands into our days? Doesn’t He sometimes hit a caution light or a red light when our preplanned, already-structured, very-important-to-us, do-not-touch schedules demand a green light?

Yes, He does.

Love interrupts. Love intercepts. Love disrupts. Love redirects. Love stands in the way—and smiles.

Schedules are good. We should have them. But they should not have us.

Plans won’t go just as planned. A pause during our hurry can lead to pain. A painful story can also end well.

Let’s welcome the unplanned. Let’s enter that new city, that new world, that new season.

While not knowing the details of the future, let’s go there.

Packed and dressed and as ready as possible, realize this: the flight might get delayed. Or redirected. Or cancelled. And possibly the new direction might be painful. Or it might be healing.

Expect the unexpected.

Welcome the wonder.

Pause and ask, “God, please let Your love invade my life at this moment when my schedule has been shredded.”

The answer may come in a way you least expect.