November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Please tell your family, friends, and coworkers about epilepsy. We want our society to gain a better awareness. Purchase a few copies of Chris Maxwell’s physical book Underwater here, or eBook and Audiobook– and give copies to others. Todays blog is from Chris’ book, Underwater. #EpilepsyAwarenessMonth 


Just remember, I am not a doctor. Underwater isn’t a medical journal. My confessions are not advice from an expert. But this story has taught me many lessons. Here are some suggestions that have helped me:

* Rest well and often.
* Drink water.
* Exercise. If walking is all you can do, walk gladly.
* Do not procrastinate.
* Write to remember, to release emotions, to think, to remind someone you care for them.
* Look in the mirror, and believe the person looking back is important.
* Forgive those who have hurt you.
* Refuse to let pains from the past control your present and future decisions.
* Do not assume forgiving means approving of improper behavior.
* Do not accept harm (physically or verbally) from someone else. Get away from them.
* But do not let bitterness travel with you.
* Find the right person to talk to: counselor, life coach, mentor, pastor, friend.
* Schedule times of relaxation—don’t wait to see if they show up.
* Dream big.
* Be faithful in everyday tasks, and find pleasure during the routine.
* If you need to (even if it hurts your ego—I said if you “need to,” not if you “want to”), let a family member or trusted friend go with you to the doctor. They can help you remember what to tell the doctor and help you remember what the doctor tells you.
* Use modern devices to evaluate and maintain your diet, exercise, budget, time management, medications, and schedules.