From embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living.

an early morning walk.
thankfulness and appreciation
and wonder.
a rising sun reminding me i
needed sunglasses—my
normal companion.
seeing the remains
of a tiny snake
in his failed attempt
to cross the street.
thinking, praying,
listening, noticing.
embracing the now.

by choice or by chance,
delighting each glance
of liturgical rhythm,
in step and in depth
moving forward, ahead,
toward home.

i cherish outcomes i
seek to see
while also refusing to
miss moments:
sounds of feet pounding pavement,
sights of stars fading and sun waving,
sounds of birds and breeze shouting,
sights of two clouds and a diminishing moon.
the noise, the moment, the morning.

the walk as reality and as a reminder.
to depart and return.
to keep moving.
each step matters,
on mornings,
in memories,
of life.