Excerpt taken from Pause for Pastors.You can purchase your copy HERE or on Amazon.


From silence to noise, from waiting to a miracle, from war to peace. Intense and contradictory realities.

That is history.

That is life.

And life as a pastor provides a wonderful opportunity for us to find ways to seek a balance: choosing to live with contentment whatever our circumstances but also holding on to healthy, balanced dissatisfaction.

Scriptural tension proposes contentment and dissatisfaction as healthy mates. Avoidance of either or pursuing partnership with only one misses the equilibrium needed for a better life.

Pausing to notice and embrace the dissatisfaction can keep eyes open to the wonder outside the walls of our habits, customs, preferences, and addictions. Pausing to receive and hold contentment sets us free from dependence on external circumstances.

God can push us to sea amid hasty currents and jolting waves—if we pause and sense His thrust.

God can lure us ashore for a serene evening of nothingness—if we pause and sense His stillness.