I’ve offered thoughts on plans and prayers. The focus was for six months, six words, six days, and six minutes.

Today? Let’s think about six weeks.

January 2020 arrived in haste. We’ve had no snow in northeast Georgia, but the days and weeks traveled in a flurry. They landed. Now they’re departing.

As this year’s initial month exits, let’s be prepared for another month, another collection of opportunities, another array of weeks.

Six weeks from today, what do you hope to have completed, finished, accomplished? Should you wave a few goodbyes? To what? What should you welcome in your life? What goals should you set to see those wishes become realities?

Glance at your schedule. Study your normal routine. Instead of living a life of placing blame and making excuses, accept responsibility. Be proactive.

Pray a few prayers. Ask close friends. Listen to their suggestions. Create a list. Set a schedule. Stick with the plan.

Also, remember surprises visit us. Keep space in your schedule for unexpected events and unplanned incidents. Opt now to allow the shocks to open doors rather than closing them, to provide new connections rather than disconnections, to widen your territory rather than causing escape.

So, begin the next six weeks today. With a plan and a prayer, bringing wisdom and dreams, expecting the unexpected, begin today.

Six new weeks.

Welcome them.

Get a copy of my book, Pause: The Secret to a Better Life One Word at a Time. Each word will help you grasp how to plan the next six weeks.