– Seek to pause and find a healthy balance of hi-touch community in our hi-tech world.

– Refuse to do life alone.

– Study the life of one biblical character.

– Seek to discover more about his or her life.

– Think of how you can apply what you’ve learned through them.

– Spend time each day reading an epistle—maybe 1 Thessalonians.

– Stay there for hours.

– Continue for a week. Or a month.

– Read and study and think and process.

– Journal about it.

– Write conclusions about how to apply the truth in faith.

– Plan a meeting with a few friends or family members.

– Plan to attend an event with a crowd.

– Plan to do something unplanned—something that isn’t a part of your routine.

– Journal about how Jesus was with you in the many and the few—and the unexpected.

– Let go of busyness.

– Write a list of ways you believe God wants you to become more risky and more cautious.

– Surrender each of those ideas to God.

– Be brave enough not to pursue fame and church fortune, but brave enough to face the fears in your personal life.

– Begin today.


Today’s post is from Chris’ book, Pause With Jesus. Purchase copies HERE