From Equilibrium: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces.

Dreams die, when we allow them.

Dreams come true, when we endure the journeys they offer.

See it as an adventure. Not just duty or responsibility. Not as a requirement or demand. An adventure.

(1) Do not quit.

Our major goal should be to not give up, to never quit, to endure. That is a decision. Take responsibility. Yes, there are those times when changes bombard us. Things are out of our responsibility. But usually, it is up to us. So, choose well. Refuse to quit.

(2) Ask for help.

When endurance is difficult, please do this. Pursue help. Resist the desire to do it all on our own. Our strength isn’t enough. Our knowledge isn’t enough. Our brilliance isn’t enough. Seek help. Do not wait for help to come. Part of our development of equilibrium is learning the importance of admitting our need for help. And asking for it.

(3) See the end. 

The desire to quit is normal. Emotions and thoughts of desperation travel with us. But look out the window. Notice a glimpse of the desired destination. Stare straight. Stay true. Keep your eyes balanced on the present reality and the anticipated conclusion.