This week’s spiritual discipline is “rest.” Today’s blog is from the book Pause: The Secret to a Better Life One Word at a Time


I frequently encourage students—and myself—to hit pause. But how? How do we rest for a moment, relax for a portion of time, and receive a sip of a fresh spiritual encounter? While typing, riding, calling, watching, wanting, and paying, how can we find time to live?


We can choose to pause. A glance out the window instead of rushing to the computer. A walk in the neighborhood instead of texting a neighbor. Staring at a bird. Staring at a star. Staring at a cloud. Staring at artwork. Thinking about adding these words to life: slow, wait, rest. And these: not in a hurry, not so fast, not right now.


Inhaling and exhaling properly is good for our health. But not just physical health. All portions of life merge. My thinking can influence my praying. My sleeping can influence my forgiveness. And, my pausing can help me to notice what I normally ignore.



Give it a try. Glance at your upcoming schedule. What plans own you? What events thrill you? What experiences draw you closer to God? Do any lure you away from Him?


Let us be still. Breathing in the air, let us inhale and exhale fully aware of what matters most. Let us make changes if too much stuff is taking out too much of our lives.