From the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living.

they invite our participation.
they convince our hearts.
they intrigue our minds.
they unveil hidden realities.
they swipe strong patterns.
they capture deep wounds.
they wrestle with us.
they feast with us.
they grieve with us.
they sing songs to us.
they serve us.
they reveal conflict to us.
they unwrap gifts for us.
they craft art for us.
they discover truth for us.
they sprint.
they stop.
they sleep.
they enter eagerly.
they remain experientially.
they exit reluctantly.
they kick doors open.
they slam doors shut.
they leave doors locked.
they allow us a glance.
they offer us a taste.
they provide us a smell.
they are strangers.
they are enemies.
they are friends.
they leave.
they linger.
they hide.
they are our appetizers.
they are our meals.
they are our deserts.
they are here.
they are waiting.
they are alive.
they hold our hands on a sandy beach.
they hug our necks in a hospital room.
they heal our hurts at the operating room.
they shout, frightening us.
they laugh, relaxing us.
they glance, inviting us.
they are professors educating us.
they are pastors shepherding us.
they are chefs feeding us.
they bring conflict.
they introduce characters.
they arrive at conclusions.
they are a coach calling time out.
they are a couple stating marriage vows.
they are a loner living all alone.
they tell us why the song was written.
they take us where the snowman melts.
they turn us when the road looks blocked.
they let us hear a baby cry.
they let us hold hands one last time.
they let us wait for the flight to finally land.