I’m listening to Nickel Creek’s song “Doubting Thomas” as I’m typing—seeing what words come out for this chapter. Words from my own doubt. Words from many years of internal questions and external responses. Words here in the now as I remember biblical stories and think of how I would have doubted if I had been the biblical biblical characters Job or Noah or Thomas or Paul. Words here in the now as I realize my doubts while taking a few steps on this water with Jesus or spending a few moments awake while Jesus prayed.

My name is Chris.

I am a doubter.

I doubt.

I doubt often.

And I believe in God who meets this doubter and smiles—wanting me to be willing to walk down the aisle toward success and accomplishment unhindered by those doubts.

What about you? Are you fully aware of your doubts? Which doubts are appropriate and needed? Which need to be hurled far away? These are the questions you should ask and discuss with yourself and your friends.

Writing down my doubts helps me. I can see them staring back; I can compare the potential outcomes and my feelings to reality. Wise doubts can inspire us to develop a strategic plan for pursuit of victory. They might notice trouble in advance and guide us toward solutions.

If they aren’t just feelings, and if they aren’t given all power, doubts can partner with our faith.

Pray a prayer similar to this one: “Father, please teach me healthy lessons through my doubt. Help me not to be controlled by my doubt, but to be guided by your wisdom. Whatever you instruct me to do, inspire me to obey and never be controlled by doubt. You are my strength—I know that, but I also need you to remind me. Often.”

From Chris’ book Pause for Moms. Visit here for more info.