from the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living.

running, running, running, 

racing to or from, 

rapidly, aggressively, 

unaware of now, 

a thought, another thought, 

a mood, another mood, 

so much so suddenly, 

rushing from a something 

to another something, 

emphatically urgent 

but forgetting why, 

turning from and toward, 

a quick cascade of casualties 

unnoticed because 

of more hurried thoughts. 

unaware of reality, 

this reality, 

of a word, of a face, 

of a choice, of a place, 

invisible truth, 

unheard conversations, 

beside, near. 

what is missed? 

much, very much. 

dialogue, where 

stories are told, 

stories are heard, 

eye to eye, 

heart to heart, 

a healing of community, 

a process of authenticity, 

a development of transformation. 

slow, please slow. 

see, please see. 

observe, please observe. 

stop the sprint. 

sit. be still. 

pay attention. 

one thing at a time, 

only one thing at a time, 

here, aware, 

refusing to run, 

choosing to rest, 

fully aware of