Pause for Moms: Finding Rest in a Too Busy World

What’s your prescription to slow the pace?

Make it personal. Think about your doctor sitting near you and asking, “What is your daily routine?” How would you respond? What would be your confession?

Confessions allow us to reveal the realities within ourselves— realities that our hurried schedules often ignore or deny. If our eyes widen like Loretta’s, what will we see? In ourselves, our schedules, our motives, our busyness, our masks? Whatever we notice, whatever is staring back, let’s confess it in the appropriate setting.

We can be honest about ourselves to the Listener who already knows everything about us. Prayerful confessions should fit the mood of words like sincere, candid, frank. Emotions like fear might come along for the journey. Worry of rejection might lure us toward resisting such open dialogue with God. But we can work through that. We can choose to admit to ourselves and our God and a dear friend those parts of ourselves.

Maybe we can leave the Doctor’s office speechless. Not because of rejection or condemnation. But because of love.

We confess.

God responds with love.

We feel like confessing even more. So we do. God responds with love.

And, then we begin to notice that His love is what we’d craved all along. After so many attempts to feel better and perform better and become better and make our families better and make this world better—and now a slow motion reflection, a confession of our true selves, a release of needless drive helps us be healed after all.

No more words are needed to be prayed or sung or confessed. In silence we sit with our Creator. We realize He’s not finished crafting us. Let us rest as He works. Let us rest.