Welcome to “Poetry for the Summer.” Today’s blog is from my book “a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder.” 

eyes wide open for a blinding trust; 

exploding fragments from the center; 

daring strength to stand and enter, 

yet, in part, resist the thrust. 

clothed for battle, the cause defend; 

wings at rest to glide on wind, 

ever driven by the flowing 

of the surge of a distant world. 

twists and turns and trials often; 

mountain search for shining gold; 

whispers now of tales long told, 

when hardness slowly starts to soften. 

notice nails and thorns and spear; 

open wide for the crystal clear. 

trusting eyes now blind but growing 

in the sight of a distant world. 

overtures that hide their faces; 

overriding fact with fiction; 

overturning contradiction, 

overwhelming empty spaces, 

long ago but not so far, 

a passing glimpse of a door ajar, 

led to love that missed its showing 

at the sign of a distant world.