See possibilities for acts of kindness. Choose to live in love, replacing missed opportunities with ministry moments:
• Smile at a friend. Thank them for the many blessings they bring your way.
• Smile at a stranger. A glance from eyes of one displaying God’s love is such a contrast to the common looks of lust or anger.
• Forgive someone who hurt you. Realize how the Loving God has forgiven you.
• Write a note. Make a call. Send a check.
• Serve a meal.
• Engage in conversation as the one listening. 
• Do to others as you wish others would do to you.
• Do something for someone who has been kind to you.
• Do something for someone who has done wrong to you.
• Verbally thank someone who has cared for you, confronted you, corrected you, cautioned you, and continued to love you despite your mistakes.
• Pray for someone. Keep it between you and God. Believe He will bless them in amazing ways.
• Refuse to let a problem about another person stay with you in this year. Love enough to really, really, really forgive.


From Unwrapping His Presence. Find more HERE