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As circumstances of life shift from pleasure to pain, we long for assistance. We want certainty from a source we can trust. We suffer from ambiguity. We go about our business and carry the weight of uncertainty as we walk, climb, step, and stumble.

Theologically, I can understand God’s silence. I can rationalize by knowing the voices God speaks through: Scripture, experience, friends, circumstances, confirmation. Biblically, I can read stories of silent years, seasons of delay, unpleasant realities of distance, and the noisy realty of silent obedience.

Moses waited for a place of promise, Abraham and Sarah waited for a son, Jesus advised His disciples to wait for the Spirit. Paul wrote letters while he suffered. And rejoiced. And waited.

When will God speak? The heavy weight of waiting holds us down. We speculate when His instruction will arrive.

As we take our turn to wait and wonder, let us not wander. Veering while searching may ignore an existing answer. Do not stray. Stay. Our Teacher’s instruction may visit in a way and on a day we do not expect.