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The “song” of a painful experience from our past hits replay way too often. We hear it and feel it and experience it over and over and over. An unrelated conversation reminds us—we mentally and emotionally replay that same song again. And again.

Words of condemnation. Feelings of isolation. Moods of desperation. As we become accustomed to those sounds, we feel numb. Like hearing a real song frequently allows us to sing along without being aware of our participation, the inner songs do the same. In deeper ways. In depressing ways.

If we let our disappointments and disabilities be the only “songs” we hear, what does that do to us? If we allow our weaknesses and pain be the only “reports” we hear, how can that influence our decisions?

Maybe we can choose to change channels. By listening to a mental “song” about David defeating Goliath. By watching a “movie” about Jesus walking on water. By staying on the mental “channel” of scriptural stories of the impossible actually occurring. By “tuning in” to the conversations of God and His people throughout the Bible. By repeating the “clip” about true friends and laughter, about walking together and smiling, about knowing and being known, about praying with a little faith we can muster.

Maybe such changing of mental stations can help our own songs and news reports become alive again.

What song would you hope to best describe your life? Sing it today. Live it today.

What news report provides the best description of your journey of overcoming the past and pursuing a bright future? Read it today. Live it today.