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I want to apply study as a spiritual discipline—pausing from my rapid pace long enough to learn something new or apply something ancient, long enough to realize a historical fact or assess a theological component.

I don’t know how it applies to you. You’re probably much more intelligent than I am. You probably remember better, read often, and learn deeply. But, let’s all—whatever our habits, our intelligence, our preferences, our tendencies, our weaknesses—decide to grow in wisdom by working our way there.

Not for status or value or worth. For life.

Not to impress or score points or change friends. To live.

I’ve experienced and endured a variety of methods and seasons related to study. I keep a few notes as reminders. Some might fit your situation:


  • Don’t just hear about a good book. Read it.
  • Don’t depend on what you already know. Learn more.
  • Don’t expect your brain to remember everything. Take notes.
  • Don’t believe you will respond correctly to all instructions. Evaluate them and set up a plan.
  • Don’t let weeks go by without knowing what you’ve learned. Journal your experiences.
  • Don’t assume you did well or poorly. Evaluate.