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I try to welcome what is there but rarely noticed. Throughout these pages we’ve highlighted one word at a time. The hope has been to notice the normally forgotten, to learn from the common occurrences, to see eternal value in earthly realities. To watch and observe and discern and experience. To see. To hear. To be. To stay.

But to do that, we need to become better at receiving.

I know—giving is better than receiving. In life, though, we have very little to give or to live if we fail in the area of receiving.

What we see and what we hear come together into our world of edges. Noticing with our eyes. Noticing with our ears. Noticing the edges. And receiving the good that is there.

Calvin Miller, in his memoir Life Is Mostly Edges, invites readers to enter the world of his life. He opens our ears to hear conversations and sermons and tears. He opens our eyes to read beyond words on paper so we can observe his childhood and his aging through a journey of surprises, seasons, questions, romance, and confusion. His poetic motion keeps us with him—I feel like I’m swimming in a current of Miller’s nouns and verbs. Pages open, allowing us to notice that his life, as ours, is mostly edges.


A lifestyle of choice.

Let’s live it.