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Realizing time refuses to slow down—the pauses depend on us to choose to rest a moment and notice life. Talking on the phone to a young man who is learning what life in ministry is really like. Texting a friend about the past and present as we speculate about the fuPause: Noticingture.

I’m eager to see how the Listener will answer a few prayers. Hopeful of better news for a friend’s health. Dreaming of better news for a friend’s future. Grateful for that Listener who always listens—whether I detect any answer or not.

Indebted for this moment, any moment. Living in the glory of a second, the marvel of standing still to remember and rejoice and realize what life’s all about.

This hurried life in need of a moment of noticing what is often ignored. This rushed life so full of glory and wonder.

The trees I pass and the steps I take: I pray that I notice. The friends nearby and the friends far away: I pray that I notice. The brief notes and few words: I pray that I notice.

Well, those are my attempts at noticing. Maybe they’ll encourage you to notice.

And not miss what is so close, so important, and so often ignored.