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My brain damage makes it tough to remember.

I do remember when I could remember so much better. Names and numbers. Songs and passages of Scripture. But I’ve had to learn to live with my new self.Pause: Memorization

I recently heard a leader talking about the poor character quality of leaders who don’t memorize the names of others. His tone and body language spoke with more power than his words. He meant it. Years ago, maybe I would have agreed. Now? Not much pride about my ability to remember. A lot of humility from forgetting what was just stated, a name I had already known, the sentence I was about to say.

Listening, I thought, “How would he feel if he had scar tissue in his left temporal lobe? Would he still be an expert?”

I processed my thoughts. I realized this: I don’t need to memorize what he said; I need to just let it go.