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Let’s let the word investing accentuate more than money. In fact, we can focus on methods of investing that have a higher value than the gains and losses of material things.

Think about people. Investing time with people. Time and energy. Energy for conversations and service. People with personalities similar to ours and personalities very different. Talking Pause: Investingwith people, walking with people, riding with people, listening with people, cheering with people, crying with people, praying with people.

And, eating with people. I like friends and I like food—especially breakfast and lunch and dinner and snacks. Listening to each other, learning from each other, praying and talking while we eat—it’s all good stuff.

Each person can add so much to the lives of family members and friends. Why live in isolation? Why run from relationships? Hurt and disappointment come from friendships. Yes. But they are also identified, addressed, discussed, and often solved through friendships.

Yes, relationships are risky. And painful. And reminders of previous pains. But they are crucial to becoming who we should be. Let’s not avoid relational risk. Let’s invest in the lives of those around us.