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Yes, people make a difference. Kind people. Friendly people. They can make the lonely feel not so alone. They can help the sad learn to smile. They can be there and preach the best sermon in town: no words, just ears listening and hearts caring. They can offer time in the mPause: Goingiddle of their busy schedules.

When Jesus came into town, religious leaders thought they knew all the answers. They had memorized commandments and kept their distance from those who were a little different. Jesus didn’t follow their political perspectives or religious preferences. He followed Love. He spoke Love. He let Love be His life—and His death. He summarized love’s importance.

Christ didn’t only declare the importance of Love for God and other people. He displayed that Love. The lonely ones, the rejected ones, the sinful ones, the hated ones, the dying ones.

Jesus had a way of inviting people to dinner and asking, “How does it feel to be home?”