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Glance back at the words we’ve considered in the last few chapters: believing, celebrating, dancing, dreaming. It would be nice if we could live with those experiences continuing. EndingMan running in forest woods training and exercising for trail ru in “ing” indicates an ongoing reality of their existence.

Students and teachers finish a year of classes. Athletes complete their seasons. Writers type final words, speakers declare conclusions, and businesses close deals. Individuals eat their last meals of the day, or spend their last money by paying a bill, or drive the last miles to arrive home.

Sometimes we feel like quitting. Sometimes we think of other options. Sometimes our tendencies lure us in other directions. Desires for immediate pleasure cause us to fail. Rather than staying on course until our arrivals, we stray, we stop, we quit, we move on to other things.

By quitting too soon, we’ll never know what’s on the other side.

By finishing, we’ll know the joy of completion.