from the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living.

depending on a slogan
and leaning on a tag line
we market products through
machines imitating humans
who know us very well
and can always tell
what we prefer.

to create and automate,
to track and detect,
providing venues
for various trends and tricks
to gain a touch
through technology’s
chatterbot for bottom line success.

displaying deep concerns,
our interests create the turns
we take when results
are all revealed.
the slogans and the phrases,
talking points,
performance, analytics,
the bounce and the brand,
the image on a screen,
the holding of a hand.
is this a healthy art?
are we controlling the control?

amid the artificial,
humans all are customers
in our goals of making profit,
holding data in our hands
and anticipations deep in our heads.
what is in our hearts?
but good business can
be good business when
remembering people as people
rather than numbers or machines.
caring can find a place
in today’s campaigns
for those willing
to see through sheets,
finding people
alive, real, and of value.

but how?
power off.
conversations on.
trends aside.
eye contact made
and feelings shared
while refusing to
track or maintain data.
people as people
with people
offscreen, untagged,
no slogan in sight.