From a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder.

eating dinner with a friend
who was wearing his new glasses
revealed that his vision
needed help seeing
through this lens
to get a better view,
to see correctly.

i listened again to his words
and his stories—
a contradiction of reality
and self-talk,
of lies and truth,
of deeply planted condemnation
and reality of love and acceptance.

two extremes
battling internally and externally.

we ate dinner.
we talked.
i watched people greet my friend.
they smiled,
revealing the joy they felt
just to see his face,
displaying grace in dialogue,
hitting rewind
and visiting past experiences,
memories of joy.

eating dinner and tasting my food
i could hear conversations of pleasure,
so opposite of the conversations he plays in the stations of his brain.

i dared my friend to change channels.
i pleaded with my friend to shift quickly, then, right then,
to begin listening to
words of grace,
words of confirmation,
words of encouragement.

maybe he needs new glasses
in a different way.