Excerpt taken from Pause With Jesus.You can purchase your copy HERE.


Christ displayed both extremes.

He faced the crowds: miraculous healings, food for the throng coming from an unexpected source, multitudes of people listening to hear His stories, skeptics staring and evaluating, society’s rejects finally feeling accepted, swarms gazing at the mystery of His identity.

He elected a minority: seventy or twelve or three or one. In hiding, on boats. Taking walks, telling stories. The meals and the naps and the aromas and the questions.

The facial expressions of a few: Jesus saw them.

The moods of the many: Jesus knew them.

Among masses or with a minority, Jesus paused to take time. Instead of letting time be robbed from Him, of letting time control Him, of letting time be missed, He took the time to see and hear, to taste and feel, to touch and smell. Jesus could see a prostitute’s eyes and heart, not just her story known by critiques. Jesus could smell an expensive aroma and know its true value, not just the cost which caused His ministry administrator to have a panic attack. Jesus could exit a marketing moment with the crowd gazing at His every move, not just to avoid the noise but to engage in dialogue with the Father and away from the pack.

How can we live a balanced life of time with many and time with a few?