Life isn’t a drama where everything begins and ends on time. Events flow toward us, then stop. They near, indicating a soon arrival, then turn. We wait and soon feel like looking for another endeavor. All seems out of balance.

Estimated time of arrival is just that, it is estimated. Expectations are not always met.

Life is like walking downhill over the rocks. The slopes and the sharp rocks remind us of danger. Healthy equilibrium isn’t staying away from the downhill slants or the harsh drops; it is gaining a better perspective on obtaining and maintaining stability there.

How can we maintain organization in our disorganized realities? How can we find ways to take safe steps through our risky hills? How can we smile and find wonder in the waves we cannot control?

In these uneven surfaces of life, we can establish patterns which give a better balance as we walk while wondering if we are going to fall.

Equilibrium is about finding our own balance in this odd life of uneven surfaces.  Equilibrium: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces.