a poem from the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living 

an impulse can become destructive.
or it can deliberately begin
an extravagant pummeling of madness,
a process of healing which
can help vanish a stagnated landscape
of life, letting flares
of liturgy draw astonishing resilience. different results. different moods.
slopes, similar initial
tendencies, trends, feelings.
outcome? segments.
often in segments.
voices unnerve bewildered prodigals
like me, vulnerable,
glancing toward grace
in the similar,
perceiving richness though stumbling
in the ordinary,
recognizing, refreshed.
details hidden, perceived,
as another survivor is given new sight,
disguised as a stranger,
darkening no more,
dread gone,
savoring simplicity,
i shall cling now, and trust,
though decayed, found,
i shall flow, composing
sparse shadows,
not exempt,
convergence, glimmering,
contrasting obvious,
ancient and desperate,
deems unnoticed, merging and
confronting capacity,
hearing ancient sounds
ringing instantly
in a moment of acquisitions.