from the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living


he defers the privilege, 

rejecting an expected response 

of quid pro quo script. 

choosing instead to cherish 

honesty, refusing to accept 

its disappearance. 

desperation appears, 

even in a data driven culture, 

though often hidden. 

investigation intrigues interest 

from deeper reasons 

for men like him. 

he sees through 

analysis and trends and 

clear components, 

processing programs differently. 

faces and stories enter 

his mind. 

fragments and scars 

aren’t denied. 

large puzzles can be best 

put together 

when all parts are 

remembered, found, held, 

and put in place. 

yes, he will 

count the numbers, 

calculate the potential, 

assess the assessments, 

evaluate the value. 

yes, he will 

match needs with likelihood 

of meeting those needs. 

but, he will 

see through the filtering, 

beyond the inputs and outputs. 

fortunately, he will 

see a person, 

a human being, 

a life. 

and that view, 

contrary to common opinion, 

can help, not harm, 

his decision.