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How do I pause with Jesus holding tightly to that packed luggage? By actually realizing the phrase, “I can’t do anything without Jesus,” isn’t a sermon title or a religious motto. It’s a reality. It’s my reality. I work hard to force this damaged brain to work. I follow the rules I’ve been given. I ask for help from others. But I can’t do anything without Jesus.
Sorry if that phrase sounds childish to you. It is just the truth. I feel like a little kid in a not-so-young-man’s body.
And that’s another reason a story about how Jesus viewed children helps me feel a little better about everything. Even my damaged brain. Even my life with epilepsy. Even those things about me that I and others wish would not be as they are. This story lets me pause, crawl toward the smiling face of Jesus as I hear Him laugh, and let His muscular arms grab my weak self and cradle me to Himself.