from the book embracing now: pain, joy, healing, living 

we tend to prefer
hide and seek.
we are adults playing
kids’ games, but in real life.
we desperately desire
to discuss a topic
we never mention.
will it bring itself up?
we hope so,
we wait to
notice an appearance,
or generate momentum,
or see it just go away.
we’ve played dumb,
knowing more than what
we know we know.
we’ve called out at times;
we got a lot done that day.
our plan to push on
is work.
busy, that drug of choice,
fixes nothing at all.
we’ve felt alone, ignored,
attempting various methods
of revealing reality of wounds,
raising volume, with energy,
guessing tone will change
when time is right.
or we choose.
to address and discuss,
we choose.
with the right person,
at the best time,
for healthy motives,
we choose.
aware, noticing, facing.
choosing to act,
with counsel
and wisdom,
rather than avoidance
and denial,
or overreacting
with anger.
peaceful endurance.
calm reality.
truth, seen through eyes
of love and grace.