From the book a slow and sudden God: 40 years of wonder

a mystery marches across time. 

man, in cadence matching 

the beat of this world. 

God, His steps dancing 

to a different rhythm. 

man moves to the usual; 

God to the unusual. 

questions asked by the man, 

and the life pursued with 

selfish motives and 

uncommon vigor. 

answers given by God, 

and life offered in 

strange manifestations of 

uncommon valor: 

a Babe, crying in a manger. 

a Child, astonishing the scholars. 

a Teacher, forgiving sins and opening eyes. 

a Man claiming to be God. could it be? 

a Man in step with 

the song of heaven, 

seeking men to join Him 

in the dance of difference? 

could it be? 

a celebration of joy 

that ends abruptly 

one day 

as the music stops 

and the sky grows black 

and the clouds roll in. 

the end? 

or an interlude in a longer song? 

then . . . 

drums! shouts! 

trumpets! singing! 

the beat begins anew, 

more energy and purpose, 

moving like never before, 

this dance from death to Life. 

darkness retreats and Light shines. 

the Song invites us to step in, 

to take the scarred hand 

of the Dancer 

and move like never before 

across time 

with God.