From the book Equilibrium.

The nutritional miracles and astonishing health offers abound. The people who exercise are everywhere. I see them. Don’t you? You might be one of them. Running and walking and riding and lifting and stretching and bending and pushing and pulling and whatever-else-they-are-doing. That is good. Moving from poor diets and little exercise toward healthy eating and making that heartbeat better is good. 

Usually. If done correctly and for the right reasons. If done with balance. 

But that isn’t always the case. 

That jogger might be running with the wrong motives. That cautious eater might be eating with a little too much caution. That workout guru might be seeking something unattainable. 

Danger comes in this area, like in other areas, in extremes. 

Balanced diets are good. Balanced approaches to exercising our bodies and our brains are much better than obsessions. 

Unfortunately, the equilibrium is often forgotten. Excesses are the norm. We are often either all the way in or all the way out. 

My goal is balance. Better health choices while not allowing a lifestyle to become an obsession. Passion is okay. Ambition is needed. Determination is necessary. But our bodies and our brains work better when we recognize their roles, rather than allowing them to control us.

Do you take care of your body? How? Why? Do you take care of your brain? Why? How? What are things you can do the right way for the right reasons to bring a better balance to your physical and mental development? Where is Jesus in this story? 

I think back to the time Patti Worrell worked as my speech therapist after a serious illness damaged my brain. I was not a good student. I did not always follow her advice. But now, I have chosen to be a lifetime student. I try to listen to Patti’s guidance from long ago. 

Listen. Learn. Change. 

And pray. 

Let this all be about you letting God guide you toward equilibrium. Find what is best for you and begin today.