Excerpt taken from Pause With Jesus.You can purchase your copy HERE.

Jesus started the evening by getting the disciples away from the crowd. Some lessons must be learned in darkness, away from noise—even religious noise. In silence Jesus reveals Himself to us in ways otherwise impossible. I usually forget that. Most of us long to mingle with multitudes, but Jesus habitually exited crowds to commune with His Father. Shouting and singing and sermonizing need to merge with silence.

That is the walk we can take, the walk Jesus invites us to take. On water. On shore. Wherever. Whenever. With Jesus, a walk in the sun or a walk through the storm.

When we enter the walk of silence we can move clearly. When we go boating at night in storming seas we can know we are not alone. When life is progressing with relative ease we will refuse the haughty lie that we are somehow capable apart from the Savior. When life slaps us hard we will refuse to tenaciously attempt to fight with our own strength. We will learn to cry “Help!” When drowning. And when sailing smoothly.