Imagine Jesus looking at two lists. One is a list of your talents, your gifts, your personality. The other list is your weaknesses and poor decisions. Think of Him turning to you and beginning a conversation of encouragement.
What would He say?
How would you feel?
Pause and think about Him, about life, about you.
See your life as a continuous gift. Instead of defending yourself when out of balance because of your personality or your gifting, pursue a biblical balance—even if it logically seems out of balance at times.
Pause. List ways you can do that this week. Pause Series
What hinders or prevents you from making new friends and adding new activities to your life?
Is there anything you need to subtract from your life in order to make room for more positive experiences?
What tendencies rob you of a healthy and balanced life?
Is a healthy physical diet easier for you than a healthy spiritual diet?
How are they both the same?
How is it healthy to shift our focus from ourselves to others?
Look through your typical “schedule diet.” See how much time you are spending for just yourself. Pause and set goals to find a balanced schedule including God, yourself, and others.
Glance at a globe. Imagine God’s love blowing the circle like a holy wind. Ask God to give you wisdom on how to show His global love to yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your church—with pure motives.
These comments are from Chris Maxwell’s books in his “Pause” series. Pick them up from Amazon.