From the book Equilibrium: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces.

If you have lost the value of alone time, of prayer, of quiet time with God, of noisy songs of praise, of silent reverence, of desperate petitions, pray that your Leader will teach you to pray. Do not delay. Slowly, honestly, and by choice, begin today. See it not as a forced or required assignment. See it not as an action where you’ll be graded on the value of your performance.

It is awe.

It is delight.

But how?

That might mean to rest while we hurry, to be silent while we’re noisy, and to be consistent though unpredictable. That might mean taking a day off when you normally overwork, leaving for a Sabbath week, or taking a day alone with the God you serve.

Here are some suggestions:

* Turn off the television and the computer.
* Don’t answer the phone.
* Don’t hurry or rush.
* Hush the noise.
* Push the to-do list aside and be still by His side.
* Set up an appointment with God.
* Let nothing rob Him of your time.
* Think about God: His love, His acceptance, His forgiveness.
* Sing.
* Smile.
* Walk and talk.
* Listen.
* Take a verse of Scripture and pray it aloud.
* Stare at busy people and pray for the crowd.
* Think of one person and change their future with your requests.
* Think of the person you are, the person you long to become, the person God has created you to be, and pray with faith choosing to see yourself as new.
* Voice your mistakes to the Forgiver.
* Request miracles from the Surpriser.
* Remember Christ’s crucifixion; rejoice in Christ’s resurrection.
* Bow before God the Ruler; jog through your yard with God your Father.
* Choose to spend time alone. Imagine Jesus beside you.
* Journal the conversation you have with Him. (Imagine several friends walking up to engage in that dialogue. Picture Jesus smiling at you, then at your friends. Who do you hope arrives? Journal what the conversation might be like.)