From various chapters in Equilibrium: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces.

What about you?

Do you feel like you don’t fit very well?

Have you been wounded recently? Are there hurts from your past which seem to stay alive and breathing?

Have you thought about stepping aside, giving yourself permission to cry? Have you considered leaving your hurried pace, offering yourself time to grieve?

What movie caused you to cry? What was the scene?

What three experiences in your life bring deep sadness as you remember them? Have you cried about those experiences?

When is the last time you cried? What was it about?

How can you find a healthy balance of crying when you should while refusing to stay forever in that same unbalanced place?

Who do you not want to be around? Why? What does that say about you? What should you do about that?

Do your beliefs come out in your love for others?

Will we love those who disagree with us? Really love? Love as Christ loves? Will it show in how we stand for our beliefs? Will it show in how we state our beliefs? Even as we stand for our convictions, rescue those who are enslaved, strongly state our interpretations, will we be like Jesus? Will we?

Is it difficult for you to be alone? It is hard for you to do nothing? If those are tough for you, what are the reasons? What are practical ways you can choose to pause in your hurried routine? How can scheduling times of simplicity, reflection, prayer, study, and rest help you find a better balance in life’s constant haste?