There are times for lengthy conversations with God. We moan, we wait, we plead, we think, we request. 

During those times we stay in the dialogue with our Listener. Our words and His word. Our hopes and His guidance. A long time at an altar. A long time on our knees. A long time in tears. A long time repeating our prayers. A long time hoping for his answers.

But all prayers do not need to be long. There are times when brief, simple, specific prayers are all we need. Or all we can offer. 

Let’s stay with our number six. We’ve used it in various ways. This week, let’s schedule conversations with God which last six minutes. We can focus, we can keep our attention, we can carry on a conversation with Him. 

Ask Him. 

Thank Him. 

Remember Him. 

Trust Him. 

Hand Him hurt we’ve carried too long. Repeat to Him the request we’ve offered many times before. Admit to Him our struggle. Release to Him our worry. Think about a miracle we would love to see God do, and talk to Him about it. 

Pray long prayers when you can. Those are important moments. But so are these brief prayers. So today, let’s hit pause in our busy schedules and pray for six minutes. 

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