The lights weren’t working at the intersection. No red or green or yellow. No colors appearing to instruct us to stop or go. Traffic slowed.

We had to wait for our turn to drive through. Cautiously. Carefully.

The why-did-this-happen and who-is-next and how-long-until-this-is-fixed questions traveled much more rapidly than my vehicle did. But my time came so I took my turn to turn.

And it made me think about life.

Life doesn’t always have clear signs. They’re often missing. They don’t always seem to work the way we wish they would.

We often err on taking our turn too soon. Instead of waiting, we hurry. We just don’t enjoy waiting.

Or we never take a turn at all. Afraid to fail, we stay stopped. When we refuse to go we keep others from moving forward.

When it’s not our time to talk, let’s stay silent. When it’s not our time to lead, let’s serve humbly. When it’s not our time to shout our opinion, let’s refuse to.

But when it is our time, let’s go.

Our time is the best time.

Too soon is when we aren’t ready and when the situation isn’t ready for us.


On time is when we’re as ready as we need to be and the situation is as ready as it will be.


Learn from the traffic lights. Go the right way at the right time. You and those around you will be glad.