From the book Equilibrium: 31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces.

Most of the biblical instructions about prayer are sent to communities not just individuals. The Psalms were poetic journal entries which turned into national hymns.

Prayer isn’t just about praying to get; it is about praying together.

But this must be intentional. Schedule time to pray with people you trust. Join them in their own endurance through life’s uneven surfaces.

Pray together.

Cry together.

Serve together.

Not impressing someone else—or attempting to impress God—as we do what we think is prayer. Not a show, a performance. Not the deep wording, the loud volume. Not just repetition—though that could be very therapeutic prayer if done sincerely as reminders.

A conversation.

An awareness.

A welcome of what feels like very uneven surfaces as we confess our sins, request our hopes, and voice our praise.

Those times alone and with friends, when praying is all we are doing and when praying not matter what else we are doing, when being faithful in prayer while feeling faithful or feeling nothing at all, help us maintain an awareness of God’s presence throughout every day.