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What wounds do you hold deep inside that you are afraid if others saw, you would be hurt again? What wounds are hidden to avoid exposure in the daylight of deep relationships?

Really, what dream is inside you that will never emerge because of fear of failure, fear of being shunned or misunderstood?

What are you afraid to pursue? Isn’t it best to stare danger in the face? Isn’t it healthy to battle a threat—and choose to no longer be threatened by it?

When I flew back home from Japan, I arrived in Atlanta at the same time I departed from Tokyo. The miles apart, the difference in time, the length of time for the flight to cover the distance: my Japan time of departure and my American eastern time arrival were the same. I traveled so far but thirteen hours didn’t. No time went by in one way, as so much time went by in another way.

Maybe we could choose to not dwell on the time we’ve wasted. Maybe we should decide to not focus only on the dreams that have died and the risks we’ve avoided. Today, let’s think of risks we can still take. Time has gone by, but don’t settle for that. Agree to believe that your time isn’t up, that your dreams are still alive, and that a few more risks are worth taking.

Wise risks, confirmed by the counsel of friends, can help you step on a plane of adventure and enter a land of wonder. You might have not wasted as much time as you think.