It’s no secret that encephalitis, a brain injury, has dramatically changed my life, especially in the past year as I’ve undergone new brain-related issues.

The nonprofit that I work with,, has a 3-pronged mission of research, advocacy, and awareness. Our goal is to improve the life of those impacted by encephalitis, including patients, caregivers, and the medical community.

Each year, we have a fund raiser that is a walk. This year’s theme is “Wipe Out Encephalitis” and we’d love it if you would participate in the walk and if you’re not up for that, perhaps consider a donation to help us meet our goal. Any amount is appreciated.

We are pleased to have just launched a new educational website, have helped numerous people in the crisis of their lives via our hotline, hosted informative meetings with healthcare providers who’ve donated their time, and given hope to those who are struggling with recovery.

It’s supporters like you who help us achieve our goals and we appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Here’s a link to the fund raiser should you be inclined to participate:

Thanks in advance for your consideration,